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Gorgeous Guestrooms

Luxury Suite

The quintessential expression of Hakone-Suishoen's opulence, our Negau Luxury Suite is set a short distance away from Hakone-Suishoen's other lodgings in the Matsu no To (Pine Building), affording a stay of truly royal and secluded splendor. Understated modern furnishings and d├ęcor, together with polished wood walls and floor and a large window overlooking the forested hillside, create a warm and welcoming environment.

Grand Suite Maisonettes

The soothing sounds of a nearby meandering stream whisper through the large windows of our Grand Suite Maisonettes in the Take no To (Bamboo Building), where guests can repose on plush modern furnishings and also enjoy the traditional ambience of a Japanese tatami dining and tea space. Our Grand Suite Maisonettes include a King Double Suite and two Twin Suites.

Precious Suites

Hakone-Suishoen's Precious Suites offer an array of decor, layouts and furnishings. Whether your preference is for tasteful wood paneling or plush wall-to-wall carpeting, a billowing corner sofa or elegant tatami style seating and table, we are confident there is a Precious Suite that will catch your eye and your heart. Our Precious Suites include two King Double Suites in or adjacent to the Sugi no To (Cedar Building) and several Twin Suites situated in various serene spots on the hotel grounds premises.

Stylish Suites

Our spacious Stylish Suites (from 55 m2) offer guests the luxurious elegance and comfort they expect from a first-class hotel. All Stylish Suites provide full amenities, including comfortable bedding, a large sitting area, and private outdoor hot spring bath. Our Stylish Suites include several King Double Suites, several Twin Suites, and two Maisonette King Double Suites, all in various peaceful locations on the hotel grounds.