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Delicacies at Dusk|Morning Morsels

Delicacies at Dusk

Our master chef prepares tantalizing delicacies using the most carefully selected ingredients and served in the tranquil atmosphere of Hakone-Suishoen's namesake, Suishoen.

Savor the experience of true Kaiseki cuisine, traditional Japanese gourmet fare, in the seclusion of your own private dining room. Kaiseki is a time-honored culinary tradition, fusing the freshest seasonal ingredients with a magnificent sense of aesthetic beauty. Each dish is a masterpiece whose stunning visual beauty is overshadowed only by its enchanting flavor.

Enjoy the sights, sounds and flavor of Teppanyaki at the lively Teppanyaki counter, where grilled delicacies are meticulously prepared before your very eyes. Teppanyaki, using only select meats, seafood and the freshest seasonal ingredients, is a feast for all the senses, particularly when complemented by a selection of the finest wines and sake.


Momiji Restaurant


Momiji Restaurant

This Month's Kaiseki Menu

Our kaiseki menu is determined at the chef's discretion, based on the availability and freshness of ingredients and the inspirations of our master chef.
Boiled Octopus and small melon with kelp, sweet miso and pickled ginger
Assorted Delicacies
Sillago with egg yolk, boiled green asparagus and Myoga sushi
Clear Soup
Clear soup with shrimp and rice-flour dumplings
Served with broad beans, nameko mushrooms and yuzu
Assortment of Sashimi
Boiled pike conger, baby Japanese sea bass and fatty tuna
Served with taro, oba, citrus fruit, wasabi and soy sauce
Stewed Dish
Taro and Maezawa marble beef with kudzu,
Served with tomatoes, haricot beans and mustard
Grilled Dish
Grilled grunt fish with natural salt,
Pickled lotus root and sweet potato
Fried Dish
Fried conger eel with oba leaf, ginger, salt and lemon
Steamed sea bream and abalone, fine wheat noodles
Shiitake mushrooms, scallions and sesame
Ochazuke (rice ball and small fish with miso and tea poured over it)
Assortment of three kinds of pickles
Peaches and grapes
Japanese Style Sweet


Mouthwatering Masterpieces


Delightful Delicacies


Tantalizing Tidbits

This Month's Teppanyaki Menu

The following are our master chef's Teppanyaki recommendations for this month.

Octopus, fatty cucumbers and okra
Assorted Delicacies
Tuna and baby sole lightly salted and sautéed in soy sauce
Hokkaido abalone sautéed in liver pâté assorted vegetables
Assortment of organic vegetables





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